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Shadow Fight 2 – Which Are The Best Enchantments To Use?

Shadow Fight 2 is an exciting and entertaining action fighting game that you can play. It has a compelling storyline and plenty of excellent and epic battle sequences. But as fun as this game sounds, it can also be a bit challenging, especially as you progress further. The reason is that enemies become more potent, so defeating them in a battle becomes harder.

You can wear armor and helm, as well as wield weapons to help you during battle. But sometimes, that won’t be enough. What you will need to do is to add enchantments to your equipment. They are bonuses that can provide you advantages during fights.

There are many different enchantments you can add, and each one will have a unique effect. But which among the enchantments is the best one to use? This article will help you in deciding the best enchantment you can use in the game.


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The Different Enchantments Available

Deciding which enchantment to use can be a real challenge. So knowing first the available enhancements is a wiser thing for you to do. For this list, we’ll only include the Simple and Medium Recipes for the enchantment.

Simple Recipe Enchantment

  • Precision – Increase your chances of landing a Critical Hit
  • Overheat – You get a chance to have a buff to deal 200% more damage whenever you hit or get hit by the enemy.
  • Weakness – A chance to weaken the enemy’s attack by 75% for 5 seconds whenever you successfully land a hit.
  • Magic Recharge – A chance to increase magic recharge by 300% for landing a successful hit or 700% whenever you are hit.
  • Poisoning – A chance for enemies to lose 3% of their health per second for 5 seconds after hitting them.
  • Bloodrage – You get a chance to have an additional 200% damage on your hit but will lose 30% of damage dealt on your health. It won’t work if your health is deficient and would result in a loss.
  • Damage Absorption – A change to absorb all damage dealt on your body or head.
  • Rejuvenation – A chance to regenerate health by 3% for 5 seconds after you are hit.

Medium Recipe Enchantment

  • Bleeding – A chance for enemies to lose 6% health per second for 5 seconds after successfully landing a hit.
  • Frenzy – A chance to increase melee damage by 150% for 5 seconds after successfully hitting or receiving an attack.
  • Lifesteal – A chance to replenish your health by 250% of the damage dealt with enemies.
  • Enfeeble – A chance to weaken the enemy’s attacks by 75% for 10 seconds after landing a successful hit.
  • Time Bomb – A chance to set explosives on your enemy, which will detonate after 2 seconds.
  • Stun – A chance to stun the enemy for 5 seconds after landing a successful hit.
  • Shielding – A chance to reduce incoming damage by 75% for 7 seconds after you are hit.
  • Damage Return – A change that the enemy will take 85% of the damage you receive from them.
  • Regeneration – A chance to regenerate 4.5% of your health for 5 seconds after you are hit.


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Which is the Best Enchantment Available

You can see that all enchantments seem like an excellent addition to your equipment. But suppose you’re going to select only 5. In that case, it is best to go for Frenzy, Damage Absorption, Damage Return, Stun, and Lifesteal. Frenzy should be your primary option since it can help you deal more damage, which can be enormous in helping you win fights.

Damage Absorption and Damage Return are good options if you’re a more defensive fighter and prefer to wait for the right time to counter-attack. Stun is a great way to render your enemy motionless and allow you to deal with combos. Lifesteal is excellent for ensuring you won’t die quickly during fights.

Building up your character’s requirements can be hard at first. But once you know how everything works, you’ll achieve the best deal for the game. That’s all that we can share with you for now. Remember, these are only the suggested best enhancements for you to try out in the game. There are a lot more things that you need to keep in mind as you play the game. So, good luck!

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