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Shadow Fight 2 – Acquiring the Monk Set in the Game

Shadow Fight 2 is a fun and entertaining action fighting game that you can download and play. It follows the story of Shadow, a former powerful combatant who lost his body and soul after opening the Gates of Shadows. He also unleashed upon the world numerous demons, so now he is on a quest to track down the monsters and take their seals to close the gate.

Now, that won’t be easy since many enemies would want to keep the gates open. You will be required to fight and defeat them to complete your quest. But that will be easier said than done since you will encounter many powerful enemies.


Shadow Fight 2 Set of Monk


To help you with that, you can equip weapons and armor to make you more powerful and improve your defense. You will have an even better time if you’re using an equipment set.

These equipment sets can unlock more powerful enchantments that can help you win against more powerful opponents and bosses. One of the best equipment sets you can get is the Monk’s Set. But how do you get it? Let’s find out in this article.

How to Acquire the Monk’s Set in Shadow Fight 2?

The Monk’s Set is a powerful equipment set that will unlock the Tempest Rage Enchantment. This enchantment provides you with a swirling blue aura that can stack up to 4 times. Once it reaches full glow, your next unblocked hit will deal 350% more damage and knock the enemy back.

Unfortunately, getting the Monk’s Set is not that easy, and there isn’t a way to obtain all of them at once. Here’s how you can get your hands on this powerful equipment:

Placing 5th or Higher After the Raid Season

One way you can obtain a Monk’s Set is by playing 5ht or higher after a Raid Season. Whenever you place between 1st to 5th at the end of the season, you will get a random item from the set. There are 5 items needed to complete a Monk’s Set, which means you will need 5th for 5 Raid seasons if you’re lucky. If not, it means you will need more seasons before you can complete the set.


Shadow Fight 2 Monk Set 2


It’s important to note that the items you will get won’t contain the simple default enchantments that come with the set. In that case, you will have to get them enchanted first if you want the simple enchantments on the item, like the Weakness enchantment on the Monk’s Katars or the Rejuvenation enchantment on the Monk’s Helm.

Purchasing the Chest of Forest Mystery

Another way to obtain the Monk’s Set is by purchasing the Chest of Forest Mystery. You can receive either an item from the Monk’s Set or a lot of raid consumables. The cost of buying the chest is 329 gems or 5000 shards. So if you happen to be someone who has been saving gems or shards, then this way could be your best option to complete the Monk’s Set.

Now that’s all that we can share with you today. Have you got any ideas and tricks on acquiring the Monk Set? Start your journey now. Download and play Shadow Fight 2 on your PC.