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Arm yourself with your chosen pair of unique weapon and armor. Face off against all sorts of enemies waiting for you in the dark. This special edition of the Shadow Fight 2 game features dozens of martial arts techniques. Use them to fight off unique enemies. Defeat evil bosses while the thrilling fantasy unfolds. Learn the greatest Shadow Fight 2 hacks and cheats that will help you in the game.



At first glance, this may seem like a very simplistic fighting game involving shadow figures dressed as ninjas. But mark my words – Shadow Fight 2 is a game that will blow the minds of both Tekken and Street Fighter fans.

Shadow Fight 2 is a 2D fighting game that will not bombard you with over-the-top graphics filled with exaggerated particle effects and distracting animations. Instead, it relies solely on its unique mechanics and grippingly good gameplay to hook players.

Are you curious how this seemingly simple game hooked more than 40 million players? Then wonder no more because we are about to answer that very question.

Shadow Fight 2 – The Pinnacle of Fighting Games

Unlike your garden variety fighting game, Shadow Fight 2 factors in split-second tactical choices that require you to think. Hence, expect that you won’t excel in the game if you merely leg-sweep your way to winning fighting games. All that said, you could be tempted to think that it is one complex game that requires Einstein’s IQ to learn. Thankfully, this game has a reasonable learning curve.

A Simple Yet Compelling Gameplay

Like other stick fighting games such as Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior, Shadow Fight 2 is easy to learn mainly because it does not feature complex move sets that require you to memorize thumb-tangling combo inputs. However, the combat system in this game still features the need for classic fighting game tactics. For instance, you still have to carefully gauge the distance of your opponent, otherwise, you will eat flying kicks for breakfast.

Typical fighting games put you in the shoes of different characters to change your command list. On the other hand, Shadow Fight 2 lets you choose your weapons which will then change your moves, animations, and therefore strategies. Unfortunately, some people who choose to bypass these interesting mechanics with a Shadow Fight 2 hack.

Intuitive Yet Deep Equipment Mechanics

If you are a fan of RPGs, the equipment mechanics of Shadow Fight 2 will feel oddly familiar. There are five types of gear, namely Armor, Magic, Helm, Weapon, and Magic. Since you can equip one of each equipment type, thousands of equipment combinations await you and your playstyle.

Now, Helms and Armor offer skills and passive features that will oblige you to stick to a specific style. They are kiting your foes or brute-forcing your way to victory. On the other hand, weapons change the animation, range, damage, and special effects of your attacks. This way, almost no two shadow fighters are exactly the same.

When you want to spice things up, a plethora of magic spells is yours for the taking. Not only are they call, but they are also mechanically interesting. We won’t spoil what these spells can do, so why not download the game and see for yourself?

Interesting Story & Concept

Interestingly, Shadow Fight 2 features both modern-themed and ancient-themed characters. For instance, there is this badass cyborg character named Cypher. With the combination of such themes and a gripping and action-packed story, Shadow Fight 2 is a surefire way to keep you chained to your desk.

Unlike the original Shadow Fight, the sequel unravels an interesting backstory about the shadowy nature of your character. Hence, expect that the story sequences in the game are not just there as excuses to start a fight.

As of this writing, there are seven chapters (called Acts) in the game. Although interconnected, each one of these chapters has unique vibes and challenges. Given this vast content, there is no wonder why people opt for Shadow Fight 2 hack downloads just to witness the story.

Dynamic Raids & Fair Dan System

Also, Shadow Fight 2 features a plethora of bosses that you can’t beat alone. These other worldly creatures are meant to be fought with other players in cooperative raids. Although difficult, rest assured that your raid efforts will not go unrewarded.

It may be a given truth that you can be brutally torn to shreds by these bosses. But rest assured that none of them are over powerful to finish you off in one stroke. This balance is reinforced by the Dan system.

The Dan system in this game is equivalent to the ranks in competitive games. It assures that you will only be playing with bosses and players with the same Dan. Hence, you won’t accidentally end up in an impossible boss raid. Of course, the increasing difficulty will not go unrewarded, so look forward to more generous rewards as your Dan increases.

Surely, Shadow Fight 2 is a game that is full of minute details. You will probably miss if them you don’t have a meticulous eye for great games. So, download it now and see it for yourself!

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Shadow Fight 2 Screenshot

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition | Shadow Fight 2 Cheats Codes, Hacks, Glitches, Unlimited Money & Gems